For over a decade, we are dedicated toward treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts. Our team is highly professional, and thousands of satisfied proteges went through various programs of our Center.

What are we all about

Being an addict is not a weakness of character, wrong education, nor fashion. Addiction is a disease that changes personality, the psychological and physical health of a person.We are here to help people not just in recognizing and overcoming this, but in building their better future.


Recognizing a problem and taking a course of action toward resolving it.


Can last from 15 days to a few months. Protege can be moved from his toxical environment to a one with other proteges and our professional team.


Building focused and strong structures for the future..

  • Toby G

    Toby G

    After 4 years of my addiction and less than half a year spent working with your center, I found my way. Thank you.
  • Brian H.

    Brian H.

    12 years left a big mark on me. My fight is still fouth every day, but with you, I am happy and fulfilled man.
  • Serena N.

    Serena N.

    Because of my addiction, I lost my personal identity. My parents pressured me to come to this Center, and I will always be grateful for that.
  • William B.

    William B.

    With everyday training, conversations, as well as workshops you have, little by little, I found new reasons to live for.

About our doctors

Our professional team consists of psychologists, psychotherapists, and highly qualified and specialized doctors who dedicated their careers to one purpose – studying the physical and psychological dependence of drug addicts, as well as the ways in overcoming that addiction.

Why are we the best

Career planning and counseling, additional courses, and the choice of whether drug detoxification will be fought with or without medication are just some of the possibilities that place us in the top best.