10 misconceptions about drug use

The drug begins to be taken in the same way as the first cigarette is smoked: from curiosity, to impress the society, in order to seek out the way out of a problem. It is an easy start, which can lead to severe problems. Therefore, when you talk to someone about drugs when you are tempted to learn from your own experience what it is actually, keep in mind what science and doctors know about drugs.

1. Claim: Marijuana increases your power of sight and concentration.

Fact: Marijuana, on the contrary, makes you forgetful and can ruin and destroy your concentration. If you are working under the influence of marijuana, it can end up tragically.

2. Claim: Cocaine makes you awake/wakeful, lively, brings self-confidence.

Fact: Exactly, but only twenty minutes. And then there is anxiety, nausea, and insomnia. If you take it for a long time, you will begin to feel anxious, depressed and paranoid.

3. Claim: Taking ecstasy does not cause any side effects.

Fact: On the contrary, ecstasy can cause panic attacks, nausea, jaw muscle tightening. Due to hyperthermia, expressed as a rise in body temperature, sudden death may occur. This drug also causes incurable damage to the brain and nerves.

4. Claim: Smoking marijuana fewer damages health than smoking cigarettes.


Fact: Marijuana can also damage lungs as well as cigarettes, maybe even more. Smoke from marijuana also contains tar and carbon monoxide.

5. Claim: You will easily stop using cocaine.

Fact: It will not be easy. Regular users, when giving up cocaine, have long depression. It’s hard for them to convince themselves that they can have good fun without drugs.

6. Claim: Giving up heroin is just a matter of my decision.

Fact: It’s absolutely not true. Symptoms of heroin withdrawal are similar to those with severe influenza: sweating, cold, trembling… And the unbearable longing for this poison can take a long time.

7. Claim: A small amount of LSD will not cause any damage.

Fact: LSD is an extremely powerful drug. Even a small amount works, and you never know how much you actually take because of its package.

8. Claim: LSD doesn’t cause paranoia

Fact: LSD causes long-term mental health problems and it will make you extremely paranoid. You will constantly look around, over your shoulders, in fear of being tracked by someone, that someone is plotting against you to hurt you.